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Customers can DOWNLOAD and use the Mobile App Template for Sharetribe from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store

Launch your app in a day without coding. Extend infinitely with code. Scale your business to any size.


Journeyhorizon mobile app template for Sharetribe

  • Launch without coding
  • Extend Infinitely
  • Scale to any size
An orange badge indicating that Journey Horizon is a Verified Sharetribe Expert.
An orange badge indicating that Journey Horizon is a Verified Sharetribe Expert.

Matthew, Tri and the Journeyhorizon team have been working with us for over 6 years. One of our first sharetribe development partners, They have helped our clients launch 60+ marketplaces and consistently delight our customers.

Juho Makkonen

Sharetribe Co-founder & CEO

Sharetribe CEO


  • One time setup fee to build and deploy your app to the iOS and Android Play stores.
  • Does not include modifications to your marketplace to comply with Apple and Google policies.


  • No Code mobile app on the iOS and Android platform
  • JH builds and ships the iOS and Android app
  • Client must have an active iOS account and Google Play account
  • Includes updates for new no-code features on Sharetribe where possible
  • One build and ship a month
  • Includes mobile server hosting
$249 USD
$199 USD


FeaturesiOS/ Android
Content ManagementY
User SignUp and LoginY
Listing CreationY
Listing SearchY
Custom listing fields and search filtersY
Listing types and transaction processesY
Calendar bookingY
Free MessagingY
Online Payments with StripeY
Facebook and Google LoginY
Apple Login (iOS)Only on iOS
Delete User AccountY
Customise with CodeY
Number of UsersUnlimited
Number of TransactionsUnlimited
Number of Sharetribe API CallsUnlimited
Support new no-code featuresY
Support new requirements from Apple and Android for appsY
Email SupportY
Comming Soon
User Fields
User Types


  • STEP 1: Contact Us
  • STEP 2: Sign a Mobile App SaaS Agreement
  • STEP 3: Pay your setup fee and first month subscription fee
  • STEP 4: Setup your iOS and invite the JH developer contact
  • STEP 5: Setup your Google Play Store account and invite the JH developer contact
  • STEP 6: Invite the JH developer to your Sharetribe Console Environment
  • STEP 7: We build and deploy your App to the iOS and Android store


Do I need to know how to code to deploy a mobile app?
No. We will build and deploy the mobile app for you. You just need to take care of the Apple Developer Account and the Google Play accounts.
Do I need to pay for hosting?
No. Your mobile app does not need to be hosted. However, for the mobile app to connect to Sharetribe console we need to host a Sharetribe Web Template the fee for this is included in your monthly mobile subscription.
Is there a minimum commitment period?
No. But we do offer a 20% discount on an annual subscription.
Are there any additional costs to get my mobile app live?
Apple Developer account subscription is $99USD per annum. Google Play has a one time $25 USD fee.
Do you offer discounts for non-profits?
Yes we offer a 25% discount on non-profits and to full-time students.
Can I pause my subscription?
Yes. Pausing will result in us suspending your mobile server but not deleting it. If you restart your Sharetribe subscription and mobile subscription we will restart the server.
Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes. Pausing will result in us suspending your mobile server but not deleting it. If you restart your Sharetribe subscription and mobile subscription we will restart the server.
Do I need a Sharetribe subscription to use the mobile app template?
Yes. You'll need a Sharetribe Extend subscription to make your mobile app live and to connect it with Sharetribe's marketplace management tools. You only need the Extend plan when your mobile app is ready to go live.

Extend your Mobile App with custom code

If you are extending your Sharetribe marketplace you can also extend your mobile app.
The mobile app is built on Google Flutter and consists of a Mobile App Code and a Mobile App Server Code.


Hosting of the mobile server

Self Host - you will need a copy of the mobile server code running in the same environment as your Sharetribe template.
JourneyHorizon hosts - we can host the mobile server for you
  • Light Tier - $25 USD/mth - for new marketplaces that are growing
  • Standard Tier - $50 USD/mth - suitable for most marketplaces that are dominating their local market.
  • Large Tier - $100 USD/mth - as your marketplace grows, it will have unique infrastructure requirements that will require custom pricing to meet your needs.

Custom features we create for Sharetribe Web Template are also usually available for our Mobile template for Sharetribe.


I have a no-code marketplace and about to customise it. Will the mobile app work with our customised marketplace?
You are in a good spot. Our mobile app works with the latest version of the Sharetribe template with no issues. Talk to us about how you want to host the mobile app server, on your infrastructure or ours. But otherwise get your hands on the mobile template code and customise it at the same time as you customise the Sharetribe Web Template.
I have an existing customized marketplace. Will the mobile app work with our customised marketplace?

The answer is…it will depend. We will need to do a code review with you to determine a couple of things.

  1. What version of the Sharetribe Web Template you are on.
  2. Have you made changes to the /server code in the Sharetribe template
  3. Your hosting setup.

The outcome of this could be

  1. Looks OK, take the the mobile code and make the same customisation you have made to the mobile template and you should be good to go.
  2. Your template is old and badly coded. You will need to upgrade to the latest version of the template, reimplement your customisations in a more encapsulated way and then run with the mobile code.
Who owns the code?
Journeyhorizon owns the copyright for all code. We provide you the mobile app template under a Commercial license, royalty free, non exclusive, perpetual license.
What use of the codebase are prohibited?
You can't use our code to sell mobile development services to other third parties. 
Who can work on the mobile codebase?
Anyone that has signed an NDA.
Can another developer work on the Flutter Code base other than Journeyhorizon?
Yes a third-party developer can work on the Flutter code base as long as they sign an NDA related to that code base. Any code written by them would be subject to the IP terms you agree with that developer. Our warranty would be void for the code part that has been modified because the developer might not follow our coding convention.
Can I make use of new no-code features once I customise?
Once you or a third-party customise your mobile code base you will need to merge code updates to the mobile template from our up-stream repository yourself. It is your choice as to whether you merge those updates or not.
Do I need to set up the Sharetribe Web Template to run a customised mobile app?
Yes you will. The mobile server is currently part of the Sharetribe template server. This will mean you need to upgrade to the Sharetribe Extend Plan to have access to the integration API and host the necessary server side components to make the mobile app function.

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