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Rent high quality, brand name baby gear. Rent exact brand names and products you want without the price tag or the need to store it after!

Kindershare helps:
  • Owners of baby equipment who want to declutter their house and earn money by renting out idle baby equipment.
  • Parents or parents-to-be rent premium baby goods in their local area.
  • Parents or parents-to-be test drive baby equipment for extended periods prior to purchase.
The team helped the founder of Kindershare move from a highly customised Sharetribe Go open-source implementation to a Sharetribe Flex implementation. This included migrating data and building additional functionality to match the old website. Successfully delivered we continue to support and maintain the Kindershare marketplace.

Client’s reference

The Team at Journey Horizon have worked to completely revamp our Sharetribe site. They worked closely to translate our requirements, and were happy to jump on a video call whenever we needed to sort out issues further. They have continued to work on improving our site in a practical and cost efficient way.

Kindershare Founder