Eqpme Case Study

www.eqpme.com | Heavy Equipment Rental | Spend $50,000 +

About this Project

Eqpme is a marketplace for renting heavy equipment that are used in constructions. It is based in Canada and US. Providers can list their equipment. Customers can post their requests. Think of anything a marketplace can offer, Eqpme might have them all.

Eqpme is one of the biggest projects we have ever worked for. We have been working for Eqpme for 4 years and have an amazing bond with the founders.

Custom Features

We have been working with Eqpme for years so the list should be super long:
  • Docusign Signature verification
  • Plaid verification
  • Multi locations per listing
  • Booking extension
  • Voucherify
  • Invoicing
  • Subscriptions
  • Great American Insurance
  • Rental board (reverse marketplace)
  • Rental House (Provider adding Staff to action on their behalf)
  • HAPN (GPS equipment tracking)
  • Bulk upload
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Revenue report
  • Booking Calendar
  • Analytics dashboard for providers
  • Customer Export
  • Embedded listings
  • Avalara Tax
  • ...

Client Reference

Our team and I were looking for the best Sharetribe development shop, and the Journeyhorizon team has exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend Journeyhorizon for those looking to turn their dreams into realities.
— Alex Mascarin and Stephan Peralta - Founders of Eqpme