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Launch Your Marketplace As A Mobile App

Journeyhorizon Mobile App Template for Sharetribe
Launch your app in a day without coding
Extend infinitely with code
Scale your business to any size
Matthew, Tri and the Journeyhorizon team have been working with us for over 6 years. One of our first Sharetribe development partners, They have helped our clients launch 60+ marketplaces and consistently delight our customers.
Juho Makkonen
Sharetribe Co-founder & CEO


  • One time setup fee to build and deploy your app to the iOS and Android Play stores.
  • Does not include modifications to your marketplace to comply with Apple and Google policies.
$199 USD
  • No Code mobile app on the iOS and Android platform
  • We build and ship the iOS and Android app
  • You must have an active iOS account and Google Play account
  • Includes updates for new no-code features on Sharetribe where possible
  • Includes one build and ship a month
  • Includes mobile server shared-hosting
$249 USD /mth
$199 USD /mth

Live Environment

How To Get Your Mobile App Live

Contact us
Sign a Mobile App SaaS Agreement
Pay your setup fee and first month subscription fee
Setup iOS account and invite our team as a developer contact
Setup your Google Play Store account and invite our team as a developer contact
Invite us to your Sharetribe Console
We build and deploy your App to the iOS and Android store

Frequently Asked Questions

Extend your Mobile App with custom code

Hosting of the mobile server
Journeyhorizon hosts - we can host the mobile server for you
  • Light Tier - $25 USD/mth - for new marketplaces that are growing
  • Standard Tier - $50 USD/mth - suitable for most marketplaces that are dominating their local market.
  • Large Tier - $100 USD/mth - as your marketplace grows, it will have unique infrastructure requirements that will require custom pricing to meet your needs.
Self Host - you will need a copy of the mobile server code running in the same environment as your Sharetribe template.
Custom features we create for Sharetribe Web Template are also usually available for our Mobile template for Sharetribe.
If you are extending your Sharetribe marketplace you can also extend your mobile app.
The mobile app is built on Google Flutter and consists of a Mobile App Code and a Mobile App Server Code.
$299 USD/mth
Minimum 2 year commitment

Frequently Asked Questions

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